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All of my prints are high quality reproductions created using the giclée (jhee-clay) print process. This special inking format allows my watercolor paintings to be reproduced with true color matching and quality at any size without compromising the quality and accurateness of my original work.

The term giclée is derived from the French verb "to squirt" and refers to the special process of creating perfectly inked prints. Using digitally created scans the giclée print process is able to produce higher quality prints than any other reproduction method.

Giclée prints (also known as Iris prints) are known for their color resilience and are ideal for display without color fading in well lit places such as offices, homes, galleries and other businesses. The special process of printing using microscopic 'squirts' of rich color-matched ink combined with the high quality watercolor paper used in giclée printing makes my artwork reproductions a lasting treasure you can enjoy for years and years. Research has shown that giclée prints often outlast even original pieces under similar lighting conditions because the high quality inks used in the giclée printing process are far more permanent and resilient.

The paper used for all of my prints is a Torchon Natural White (from the Hahnermuhle, collection 285 gsm), which produces a superior quality product.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I take great pride in my work and assure you the highest quality prints from my studio!

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